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Hello! I am the owner of Small Batch Law.  I’ve been practicing law since 1999 and set up Small Batch Law in 2015.   Finding a lawyer you want to work with can be difficult.  A good fit between client and lawyer will make a big difference. To help you out, here is how I approach working with my clients on their projects.

Finding good solutions is a collaborative process.

Good solutions arise from an organized and process driven approach.

Clear and candid communication builds trust and respect.

Below is a summary of my practice areas highlighting what type of projects I work on.  If my approach and practice areas sound like a good fit for your needs, I encourage you to reach out.



I work with property owners and developers seeking to revitalize existing and historic properties in Wisconsin’s smaller’ communities.


I work with buyers and sellers of residential, rural and commercial properties to prepare and negotiate the offer to purchase, evaluate and resolve title issues, and prepare deeds and other necessary documents for closing.


I work with property owners, landlords, and tenants to prepare and negotiate design and construction contracts that protect my clients from financial losses.


I work with residential and commercial property owners to prepare and negotiate leases with tenants.


I work with land owners and land trusts to conserve and protect Wisconsin land.


Knowing when to hire an attorney and how to control your legal costs can be challenging.  The goal of our blog is to help you understand when it makes sense to seek counsel and what value to expect.  We do this by giving you easy to digest overviews on key topics.

Rememeber.  These resources are provided by Small Batch Law for educational and informational purposes only and are not legal counseling. No attorney-client relationship is created, nor is there any offer to provide legal services by the distribution of these publications. Always consult an attorney before relying on the information in these resources.


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