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At Small Batch Law we believe that you get the best value from us when we understand you.  Your business, your goals, your passion.  And we ought to know.  Our principal attorney, Eli Woyke, worked in-house for 16 years honing his ability to serve business needs, not law firm needs.  Routinely hiring counsel to assist in his general counsel duties taught him what businesses want and don’t want from their counsel.  It is our goal to bring that experience to you.  Balancing focused expertise with a comprehensive approach, Small Batch Law advises on design, engineering, and construction matters along with the acquisition, sale, and leasing of real estate.  We combine these with business formation and estate planning services to align our client’s immediate needs with their longer-term goals.  By anticipating and addressing future challenges we clear a path for our clients, allowing them to achieve their objectives.



We help our clients buy, sell and lease residential and commercial real estate, and work through the challenges that come with owning and leasing.  Services are customized to your needs with document review and preparation offered on a fixed price basis.


Our clients are space owners and users, contractors and subcontractors, architects and engineers working through the complex process of creating the built environment. If you need help with contracts, insurance or claims we are here for you.


Building and implementing a risk management program can seem overwhelming.  Where do you start?  What risk are worth addressing?  We can help you take a practical approach by leveraging our experience in the real estate and construction industry.


Knowing when to hire an attorney and how to control your legal costs can be challenging.  The goal of our blog is to help you understand when it makes sense to seek counsel and what value to expect.  We do this by giving you easy to digest overviews on key topics.

Rememeber.  These resources are provided by Small Batch Law for educational and informational purposes only and are not legal counseling. No attorney-client relationship is created, nor is there any offer to provide legal services by the distribution of these publications. Always consult an attorney before relying on the information in these resources.


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Increase the likelihood of having a successful real estate transaction by understanding how to use the deadlines in your real estate contract.

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Complexity increases cost. A letter of intent is less complex than the lease and therefore quicker (and cheaper) to draft, review, and negotiate.